Looking for Replacement Parts?

   I know what I need

  I need help identifying what product I have

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Confirm your product has the Von Duprin name on it. You can typically find the Von Duprin name imprinted somewhere on the product without having to disassemble too much.

  2. Check what product you have. If you’re not quite sure, here are some tips to help you find it.

    • For exit devices, depending on the age of the device, consider looking for:
      • A QR code to scan with your mobile device
      • A UL label with descriptor of series and model number
      • A sticker with device number
    • For exit trim, or the lock or lever side of the door:
    • For strikes, depending on the age of the product, consider looking for
      • A QR code to scan with your mobile device
      • A label on back
      • Writing on back of strike
      • You can also check here for strikes or other electrified accessories
    • For strikes or other electrified accessories, check the Electrical Security Products & Accessories catalog

    • For auxiliary products like mullions or thru bolts, check out the Von Duprin Auxiliary Catalog
  3. Detailed description: The more detail you can provide in the description such as what your product is, where on the product are you experiencing the need for replacement, how long the product has been installed, etc. the more quickly our team can assist you.

Our support team will ensure you receive what you need. 

Replacement Parts


Below are links to resources that will help you identify the product, part, kit or model number for the part you need replaced. 

Parts Manuals

Search for Document Type: Manual - Parts, Service, Operation, and Brand: Von Duprin to view our Parts Manuals.

Price Book

Login to the Allegion 360 Portal for Price Book information and more.

Document Library

View our expansive Document Library for Data Sheets, Templates, Installation Instructions and more. Search by document type, brand or keywords.

Interactive Installation Instructions

Simplify the installation of Allegion's products with our new step-by-step instructions. Get started by selecting the brand to find the product instructions.

Allegion Knowledge Center

Visit the Knowledge Center, an information portal from Allegion. Enter your question in the field provided for results or search Frequently Asked Questions for resources and support.

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