Troubleshooting & Maintenance

Need assistance regarding troubleshooting or maintenance and care of your Von Duprin device? Explore the links below for our most popular resources. Of course, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, reach out to us directly to speak to one of our helpful friendly team members.

Interactive Installation Instructions

Simplify the installation of Allegion's products with our new step-by-step instructions. Get started by selecting the brand to find the product instructions.

Parts Manuals

Search for Document Type: Manual - Parts, Service, Operation, and Brand: Von Duprin to view our Parts Manuals.

Document Library

View our expansive Document Library for Data Sheets, Templates, Installation Instructions, User Guides and more. Search by document type, brand or keywords.

Allegion Knowledge Center

Visit the Knowledge Center, an information portal from Allegion. Enter your question in the field provided for results or search Frequently Asked Questions for resources and support.

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Visit iDigHardware to get answers to your door, hardware, and code questions plus the latest industry topics, products and trends from Allegion’s Lori Greene.

Video Library

Von Duprin offers videos on a number of our most popular exit devices, exit trim, and electrified strikes. View our videos below.

Exit Devices

How to Troubleshoot EL (Electric Latch) Retraction on Von Duprin & Falcon Exit Devices

This video demonstrates the steps to take if the latches of a Von Duprin or Falcon EL device are not electrically retracting properly.

Concealed Vertical Rod Exit Device Adjustment

Basic concealed vertical rod adjustment procedure displayed on the Von Duprin 9947 panic exit device.

How to Use the Von Duprin Dogging Security Indicator

This video demonstrates how to use the Von Duprin Cylinder or Hex Key Dogging Security Indicator for dogging (unlock) and undogging (lock).

Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device Adjustment

A short educational video on the basic adjustment procedure for the Von Duprin 98/9927 surface vertical rod exit device. 

10 Things You Need to Know About the Von Duprin Chexit

From the motor-driven innovation to the detached module and key switch assembly, this video explains the features of the Von Duprin Chexit Device.

Exit Trim

AD-Series How To Re-Hand 993 Exit Trim

This video highlights the tools and steps required to re-hand the AD-Series 993 Exit Trim.

Electric Strikes

How to Change the Fail Mode on the Von Duprin 5100 Electric Strike

This video demonstrates how to change the fail mode of the Von Duprin 5100 electric strike.

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