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Are you an architect, facility manager, general contractor, locksmith, security consultant, or security integrator? We have resources to support your opening requirements.

Architect Solutions


Access to the proper tools, resources and expert consultants can streamline the specification process. Allegion offers specification writing services, AIA-accredited training, code consulting and our proprietary Overtur™  collaboration site, to help architects specify the right door hardware solution. 

Facility Manager Solutions

Facility Manager

Overseeing your building is a full-time job. Keeping everyone that passes through your doors safe and comfortable is a key focus and Allegion will be your partner every step of the way.

General Contractor Solutions

General Contractor

The complexities of construction are waiting for you at every step of a project.  Partner with Allegion to ensure a smooth process with support in preconstruction, during the build, and beyond.

Locksmith Solutions


Locksmiths are the backbone of the safety industry and Allegion is proud to partner with these pivotal tradespeople to ensure their work continues to keep us all safe.

Security Consultant Solutions

Security Consultant

Security needs evolve and consultants are at the forefront to design unique, secure and cutting-edge solutions. Allegion can help identify a scalable, suitable layered physical security solution.

Security Integrator Solutions

Security Integrator

From coordinating security and cloud-based systems to understanding electric hardware and ADA code compliance updates, security integrators take on many responsibilities throughout a facility. Allegion provides the tools, training and information to assist with the planning and implementation of electronic security systems in commercial buildings and institutions.

Locksmith Solutions

Contract Hardware Dealer

We believe our partners are a vital part of our business and Allegion is dedicated to giving you the resources and information to ensure your business has everything it needs to reach it's potential.

Security Consultant Solutions

Wholesale Distributor

Wholesale is a business that demands confidence in partnerships. Your trust in Allegion is important to us and we will partner with your business to ensure that your confidence in us continually grows, right along with your revenue.

Security Integrator Solutions


Decision makers in institutional organizations such as healthcare and education must guide their facilities within budget, understanding the future and ensuring the safety of their guests. Allegion is here to help you navigate this complex space with resources and collaboration.

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Find the right solutions for your K-12, higher education, healthcare, multifamily, government and commercial real estate projects.

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Explore solutions for specific requirements including quiet operation, behavioral health, severe weather, lockdown security and more.