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Von Duprin 101

Exit Trim


Explore the intersection of style and security with Von Duprin exit device trim options. Tailored for commercial push bars and door hardware, these components offer enhanced appearance and functionality for ingress and access control.


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Von Duprin offers a variety of exit device trims to fit the needs and aesthetics of your facility. For more information on exit device trims, please watch Intro to Door Hardware: Von Duprin Exit Device Trims.

Trims vary by the exit device used, accessibility requirements and desired aesthetics. There are also electrified trims that offer additional functionality. Explore our full lineup of available trim options and device compatibility. 

A trim functions as a way to retract the latchbolt of the pair exit device in order to open a door from the outside. Trims can provide many additional features such as deadbolt locking capabilities or access control. 

In the case of a Chexit device, a thumbpiece, knob or lever trim left in the unlock position would be locked when the Chexit is armed, and unlocked when the Chexit device is disarmed. To keep the outside trim in the lock position when a Chexit device is disarmed or there is no power to the device, use E996L-FSE fail secure electric trim. 

For rim and vertical rod applications, the trim becomes inoperable while the Chexit is armed. However, on a CXa9875, the outside trim will still operate normally because the mortise case is separate from the delayed egress panic bar. Please note there can be an inhibit function for the trim to activate the CX device. 

Check out the resources below to learn more:

Trim options can vary by series. The basic trim options/functions are classroom, storeroom, passage and dummy.

Classroom - The key locks and unlocks the trim
Storeroom - The key temporarily releases either the lever or retracts the latch
Passage - Always unlocked
Dummy - Lever is rigid and there is no cylinder override

You can find more information on trim options by selecting a series or compatible device on the Von Duprin exit trim page

You can determine what handing is needed by what side the hinges are on the outside of the door (when the door swings outwards towards you). If the hinges are on the left, you will need a left hand trim as this is a left hand-reverse door. Likewise, if the hinges are on the right, you will need a right hand trim for your right hand-reverse door. 

Information on changing the handing can typically be found in the installation instructions. If the instructions do not show this, that trim usually cannot be re-handed in the field. 

For more information, check out this video, How do I change handing on my trim? 

You can view installation instructions in the Von Duprin document library.

When working with electrified hardware it’s very important to understand the difference between fail secure and fail safe products. 

Fail safe (FS) is unlocked from the outside when not receiving power. When power is cut, the fail safe product remains unlocked. To lock a fail safe product, power needs to applied.

Fail secure (FSE) is locked from the outside when not receiving power. To unlock a fail secure product, power must be applied.

If power is not applied to the product, this indicates the state that the trim/control would be in for the opening. For example, no power on an FSE product means the trim/control remains rigid and the opening secure.

Learn more in our Intro to Door Hardware: Fail Secure vs. Fail Safe and our What is FS or FSE? video.

A control contains the locking mechanism, while a trim typically will have the locking components contained in the exit device.

The M996 trim is shipped fail safe from the factory, but has a field selectable dip switch on the motor. This can be accessed before installation or by removing the trim from the door. The motor must then be connected to a power source and cycled a couple of times in order for the change to take place.

Check out this video from the Allegion commercial technical product support team on how to change M996 from fail safe to fail secure and How do I change M996 to Fail Secure?

Match the design style of your facility and improve the security functions of your exit devices with the right trim. Filter by exit device compatibly for exit trim here, or select an exit trim model below to see available functions.


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