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Von Duprin 101

Options & Accessories


Von Duprin options and accessories include a variety of mechanical and electronic options that allow flexibility as your needs change. 


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Allegion’s broad systems options and accessories offering includes key switches, request-to-exit devices, remote monitoring and more. These work together with other components to safely control and properly secure a facility.

Von Duprin exit device abbreviations can be found in the product catalog for each series, or in this chart.

Product Catalog Chart

Electric latch retraction is a means to retract the latchbolt of an exit device without having to depress the push bar. This can be useful in access control situations or for hands free automatic door openers. 

A pullman latch differs from a standard latch as it does not have a latch release. Pullman latches can be used in vertical rod applications, but do not have deadlocking functionality. Without deadlocking functionality of the latches, the opening is less secure.

A mortise device differs from a rim device in that the latching mechanism is within a case that fits into the edge of the door, rather than within the center case of the exit device itself. 

QEL is the motorized latch retraction option for Von Duprin exit devices. QEL is used when automatic latch retraction is needed, such as when used with access control so that the door can be pulled open following a valid credential. 


CHEXIT is a delayed or controlled egress option for Von Duprin exit devices. This option delays a door from opening for a prescribed period of time when the pushpad is pressed or is control released by an access control system configuration. CHEXIT must be installed and configured in accordance with all applicable codes. 


QEL and Chexit cannot both be added to a single exit device; only one of these functions can be selected. Learn more about Quiet Electronic Latch Retraction (QEL) or CHEXIT Delayed Egress System.  

To learn more, view the video, Overview of Von Duprin Chexit Device.

If you currently have an Electronic Latch (EL) device, you would need to order a Quiet Electronic Latch (QEL) conversion kit. QEL conversion kits are available for 98/99, 33A/35A and 22 series exit devices. 

Conversion instructions are included with a QEL conversion kit., but these resources are also available: 

Newer exit devices come with a QR code to ID the device, which is the easiest way to identify the device. For quick reference, images of each device series are on the Von Duprin exits devices page.

For most exit devices, please refer to the specific device series catalog for minimum door opening width the device can be cut down to fit. 

Building codes prohibit the door from being locked in the direction of egress. Doors with panic hardware can be locked to prevent access, but must provide free egress at all times.

Yes, fire-rated openings require the use of fire-rated hardware including fire-rated exit devices where applicable. Fire-rated exit devices must be listed and labeled as required by International Building Code (IBC) and NFPA 101.


Learn more about fire-rated solutions.

A means of egress is a continuous and unobstructed way of exit travel from any point in a building or structure to a public way. Three separate and distinct parts, exit access, exit, and exit discharge.

Security indicators provide visual verification and lockdown from inside the room, and are ideal for high occupancy areas like auditoriums, cafeterias and gymnasiums.


Dogging indication provides at-a-glance verification of a door’s dogging status from inside the room. Von Duprin's HDSI and CDSI include visible “LOCKED” and “UNLOCKED” indicators for whether the device is dogged or undogged. This feature can be used with hex key (HDSI) or cylinder (CDSI) options on various device types: rim, mortise or vertical systems.


See '+ What is dogging?' on the Exits Devices 101 page.

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