The perimeter is the first check point, or layer, to the building. It controls who enters the school and when. Perimeter security includes primary entrances such as main and event entrances and secondary entrances, typically the remaining exterior openings, but can be susceptible to being propped open.

Beyond the perimeter, the layered security continues inside the building. Schools should have the ability to lock down on demand, inside as well as outside, as soon as an emergency arises – without compromising egress. Large classroom and assembly spaces need to be considered as well.

Von Duprin offers mechanical and electrified options for large classrooms, gymnasiums, cafeterias, media rooms, and more.





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For mechanical openings, students and staff can put an area into lockdown using the double cylinder with security indicators option which locks the outside trim, or pull side of the door, from inside the room.  This option includes easy to follow directional indication and a clear security indicator.  For applications that require dogging, the cylinder (CDSI) hex (HDSI) dogging indicators can be used to provide at-a-glance verification of the status of the door from inside of the room.

For electrified devices with latch retraction, the Emergency Security Lockdown (ESL) interrupts power to the QEL motor, extending the latchbolt to secure pull side of the door as well as sends a signal to the access control system.

Both provide peace of mind for occupants inside what the status of the door is at any given time, especially in a lock down scenario, as well as continues to provide free egress.

Other solutions:

  • The electronic switches are designed to monitor openings directly from the exit device or control board.
  • The remote undogging (RU) option is for those secondary entrances that can often be neglected or manually addressed in an emergency. The option is a battery powered wireless solution that enables remote undogging and door status monitoring. It enhances perimeter security by providing electronic override of mechanical dogging for emergency facility lockdown.
  • Remote monitoring option is a battery powered wireless solution for remote door status monitoring.
  • If required, delayed or controlled egress can be achieved with the Chexit option in behavioral health settings to prevent abduction or elopement.

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York County, SC

See how the Rock Hill School District integrated Von Duprin Remote Undogging options for enhanced K-12 perimeter security.

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