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PS914 Power Supplies

The Von Duprin PS914 4-amp power supply is designed for use with panic exits requiring high in-rush current. It delivers a highly filtered and regulated "clean" output to protect downstream devices. Separate battery management extends battery life and ensures consistent output.


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The Von Duprin PS914 is a 4-amp power supply designed to manage high in-rush requirements. Like similar power supply models under the Schlage brand, it is made for the electronic access control market and designed with versatility and reliability in mind. With proper option boards in place, the PS914 can manage up to 8 Von Duprin or Falcon electrified latch retraction devices.

It can be factory ordered to meet specific needs or configured in-field using a wide selection of option boards. Installation is simple with a flat mounting board and polarized locking connectors to make in-field expansions virtually plug-and-play. The design also provides easier access to the terminal blocks for connection of electrified devices.  

  Electronic Access Control


  • 4-amp, Class 2, filtered and regulated power
  • Clean, consistent power output helps protect the sensitive circuitry of downstream products
  • Overload protection prevents too much current being pulled by an overload of devices
  • 12/24 VDC output field selectable with plug-in jumper
  • Externally visible LED indicator provides visual status on AC input 
  • Ability to provide continual power with battery backup



  • Universal 120-240 VAC, fused primary input
  • Externally visible AC input indicator with isolated SPDT contacts
  • Battery back-up board auto-selects voltage
  • LED indicator provides visual status on DC output



  • Order to specification or field configure; option boards use polarized plug-in connectors to simplify in-field expansions
  • Option boards enable basic fuse protection, simple relay, advanced logic with sequencing and timing, panic device control, fire alarm relay and battery backup 
  • Cabinet accommodates 1 or 2 batteries, up to 2 option boards, plus fire alarm relay and battery backup board


  • PS914: 4-Amp Class 2 filtered and regulated power


Input voltage

  • 120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, universal input


Output voltage

  • 12 or 24 VDC field selectable with jumper
  • Switching supply, 5% regulation, 360Vpp max ripple


Option boards

  • 900-BB: Battery backup option board (installs on main board)
  • 900-BBK: Battery backup kit (includes option board and two 7A/hour batteries)
  • 900-FA1: Emergency interface/fire alarm plug-in (integrates with fire alarm and is used to cut power in case of emergency)
  • 900-2RS*: 2 relay option board capable of individual or sequential operation for single and pair door applications
  • 900-4R*: 4 relay board - independently controlled, no timing or logic 
  • 900-4RL*: 4 relay board with integrated logic - field programmable; individual or sequential operation for controlling security interlocks, auto operators, and time delay function
  • 900-8F*: 8 individually fuse protected outputs, giving the flexibility to power multiple devices and provide another layer of protection
  • 900-8P*: 8 PTC protected outputs with auto resettable fuses; 1.8A output (Class 2)


Operating temperature

  • 32° to 120° F (0° to 49°C)



  • 14"H x 12"W x 4"D in grey, baked enamel finish
  • Hinged cover with lockdown screws and optional key lock


Additional information

Please refer to the PS914 model data sheet


* Installation of the 900-FA on the PS914 requires the addition of at least one of the compatible option boards marked with an asterisk.

  • UL 294 for access control
  • ULC-S318
  • RoHS
  • FCC Part 15
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