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88 Series Exit Devices

The 88 Series is ideal for environments needing a traditional-looking wide stile device, but is for heavy-duty applications.


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The 88 Series is a classic crossbar exit device. A standard wide stile device, the 88 Series is designed for applications where a crossbar is preferred. 

  Cross Bar

  Heavy Duty

  Wide Stile


  • Several surface-mounted vertical applications
  • Several rim applications
  • Available in 3’ and 4’ lengths that are field sizeable for single and double door applications
  • Ideal for traditional or classic aesthetic applications 
  • ANSI/BHMA A156.3, 2014 Grade 1 certified
  • ANSI/UL 10C (fire rated only)
  • ANSI/UL 305
  • CAN/ULC-S104 (fire rated only)
  • CAN/ULC-S132


Specifications and certifications are specific to each configuration. See the 88 Series catalog for more information.

The 88 Series offers the following device types: 

  • Rim, panic and fire rated
  • 27: surface-mounted vertical rods 
  • 47: concealed vertical rods
  • 75: mortise locks

Devices can be ordered fire-rated by adding  “-F” to the suffix.

The 88 Series is available less control (LC), less trim (LT) and several versions of the exit trim models listed below: 

  • 110 
  • 216
  • 371
  • 373
  • 376
  • 377
  • 606
  • 608
  • 880
  • Exit Only (EO)
  • Dummy trim (DT)
  • Lever (L)
  • Lever, dummy trim (LDT)
  • Night latch, key retracts (NL)
  • Lever, blank escutcheon (LBE)
  • Knob (K)
  • Knob, blank escutcheon (KBE)
  • Knob, dummy trim (KDT)
  • Knob night latch, key retracts (KNL)
  • Night latch, optional pull (NLOP)
  • Turn lever (TL)
  • Turn lever, blank escutcheon (TLBE)
  • Turn lever, optional pull (TLOP)
  • Thumbpiece (TP)
  • Thumbpiece, blank escutcheon (TPBE)
  • Thumbpiece, night latch (TPNL)
  • 605: Bright Brass
  • 606: Satin Brass
  • 612: Satin Bronze
  • 613: Satin Bronze-Oil Rubbed
  • 625: Bright Chrome
  • 626: Satin Chrome
  • 626-AM: Satin chrome, Antimicrobial coating*
  • 643e: Aged Bronze
  • 693: Painted Black
  • 721: Bright Brass, no lacquer*
  • 728: Satin Brass, no lacquer*


*Finish is available as a special. 

The 88 Series can be customized with several mechanical, electronic and finish options to meet any facility needs. A few common options are below:


  • RX: Request to exit is a switch placed in the exit device to monitor an opening; when the push bar is depressed, a signal is sent to a monitoring device
  • E: Electric unlocking  of outside lever for mortise devices. Allows the device to pair with an access control system, fire alarm system or remote switching station.
  • HH: Wind and Impact - Hurricane Rated 
  • HW: Wind Only - Hurricane Rated
  • KN: Knurling  on crossbars provide a tactile warning to indicate doors that lead to hazardous areas; ex: stairs, loading platforms, boiler rooms, etc.


The 88 Series offers many accessories to meet evolving needs of any facility; refer to the pricebook for a complete list.

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