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Electric Strikes


Electric strikes are an easy and affordable way to secure a new or existing door and provide access control to your building. 


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Electric strikes provide remote release of a locked door, allowing the door to be opened without retracting the latch bolt. Known for reliability, durability, and security, Von Duprin offers a wide range of pre-configured electric strikes for new construction, and field-configurable versatility to fit your aftermarket needs. They are ideal for standalone settings or as part of a comprehensive access control system.

Choosing the right electric strike depends on the door's application, usage expecdtations, latching type and code requirements. Find your ideal Von Duprin electric strike with our selection guide here.

An electric strike is a device installed in the door frame to release the latch or bolt, while the electric mortise lock is a complete locking mechanism installed inside the door itself. Electric strikes may be simpler to install and have better retrofit capabilities, and potentially be less expensive. Electric mortise locks are more complex to install and are typically used in commercial or high-security applications where a higher level of security is required. 

While both electric strikes and electric latch retraction devices achieve the same goal of securing a door, they do so in different ways. An electric latch retraction exit device will unlock by retracting the latch allowing the door to be opened from the outside. Electric strikes can be used with exit devices as a way of securing a door, but can also work with other latching or locking mechanisms such as cylindrical and mortise locks. Some electric strikes may require cutting into the frame in order to install the strike, while an electric latch retraction exit device will not require cutting into the frame. 

There are a couple of key differences between electric strikes and electromagnetic locks. 

Electric strikes can come in fail safe or fail secure varieties; fail secure meaning that even when power is no longer being supplied to a strike, the strike will stay locked and secure the door. When an electric strike is installed on a fire door assembly, the strike must be fail secure to provide positive latching. 

Electromagnetic locks require power in order to lock and secure a door, making them fail-safe only. Electromagnetic locks may also be considered easier to install on a door. 

Service parts range from box assemblies, monitor replacements, faceplates, solenoid parts, spring parts and other miscellaneous hardware. A full list of parts and accessories can be found in the Von Duprin pricebook. You may also visit the Von Duprin replacement parts page for more information or to get in contact with an Allegion team member.

All electric strikes require a power supply in order to function properly. 

For more information on power supplies, explore Von Duprin power supplies here or Schlage power supplies here.

An electric strike works by acting as a door strike with a movable keeper. This keeper holds the latch bolt of the lockset or exit device until the strike is triggered to allow the latch bolt to be pulled through the keeper for access. This can either be done by powering the strike (fail secure) or by cutting power from the strike (fail safe). Some locksets or exit devices may also be opened by retracting the latchbolt through their applicable mechanisms, allowing the user to bypass the strike (e.g., depressing the push bar on an exit device to retract the latch). 

You can test an electric strike by running power to the strike and confirming the functionality of the strike. With power, a fail secure strike will be unlocked, while a fail safe strike will be locked. You may want to check the functionality and alignment with the door before fully mounting the electric strike to the door frame. 

Proper frame and door preparations must be made before installing an electric strike. Instructions and templates are included with our electric strikes, but can also be found online in the Von Duprin document library.

The electric strike holding force varies between our strike series:

Only fail secure strikes may be used on fire-rated doors. This is because if the power is cut, a fail-secure strike will remain locked so in the event of a fire, the door is secure. Like all fire exit hardware, electric strikes must be listed and labeled for use in fire applications.

Open back strikes are used in double door applications on the inactive leaf when using a mortise or cylindrical lock on the active leaf and a door coordinator is not going to be used. With an open back strike, it does not matter which leaf closes first. If a closed back strike is used in this situation, a door coordinator would be required.

Yes, and in fail safe applications, you may want your strike to be powered continuously. A fail safe strike requires power in order to be locked. 

Von Duprin 6100 and 6200 Series strikes offer alternative solenoids rated for 16vdc and 28vdc for when the strike is used in a continuous duty application on normal 12vdc and 24vdc power supplies. This helps the strike maintain a lower operating temperature.

The Von Duprin 4212 and any 6100, 6200 and 6400 Series electric strikes have optional latch bolt and lock status monitors. 

Learn more about Von Duprin electric strikes with our educational resources, including product support videos, installation instructions and more. 

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